MGP offers a unique pragmatic approach to project design, combining unprecedented technical expertise with internationally recognized design capability. Complex projects require a fundamentally integrated approach to design with the synthesis of multiple design disciplines into a completely unique bold, smart and beautiful design.

Our worldwide practice obviously works in South Chennai with a socially diverse team of professional architects and fashioners bringing an exceptional mix of universal and nearby skills and learning to each expand, making a compositional arrangement of one kind, inventive and suitable.

We craft the places where people love to be together 

We believe there is an emotional connection between great architecture and users. MGP has designed and delivered some of the most memorable Residential Villas and Row Houses in  and around Chennai for over 9 years, with 25+ built projects.

We have in-house architect as well consult with industry leading licensed Architects who use the art and science to design and build structures to deliver a wholesome Residential Units.

Each residential building is an outcome of an effort of the Architects team which perform R&D work before finalizing the architecture of the Residential unit preferably Villas and Independent housing unit.

We completely understand the desire factor of our customer and align with the technical requirement of the building architecture.

Exquisite experiences through emblematic built environment