MGP Construction Services employs skilled craftsmen directly and has the ability to carry out multiple businesses, including concrete, masonry, brick wall, etc. We are skilled in managing contractors of trade and have the advantage of long - established contractor relationships developed throughout South Chennai over multiple projects.

Managing Your Complex Project From Beginning To End



We offer unprecedented pre - construction capabilities, working with our customers to identify budget issues, maximize schedule and mitigate project challenges long before field work begins.  Project Team takes responsibility for pre - construction, making the progress from pre - construction to construction consistent.

We follow the modern construction practices and modern construction material to deliver the cost to cost value for the Home buyer at the same time delivering highest quality and satisfaction.

We create good impact residential building plan, which ensures natural lighting, natural breeze and creative utilization of space. We deliver to Luxury and Value sensitive customer base.

Our responsibility to quality guarantees that your venture will be taken care of expertly


From the outset, our project teams work together and we have an extensive pre - planning phase to mitigate risks and identify potential challenges before they occur. The combined experience of our site supervisors, engineers, and project managers enables us to avoid potential conflicts of scheduling and coordination as well as allow us the time to make necessary changes to each project. 

By adapting to the changing logistics of each project, we understand the importance of maximizing efficiency. Continuous review and modification of security and access plans, sequencing and deliveries, as well as crane placements benefit not only the Construction Company of MGP, but all businesses and the project.

From site planning, building plan, material selection and man resource is handled by highly experienced engineers and planners.

We welcome each project's new challenges and recognize that the skills provided by all of our specialized professionals are critical to our work's success.

Collaborative Engineering and Careful Management

Excellent structural engineering requires expertise and collaborative focus. Our Project team enables us to integrate tough site conditions with strategic placements of equipment. We use 3D modeling software to create unique and customized erection concepts and plans in the planning of each job.

We rely on this model and sequencing throughout the duration of a project to customize rigging and hoisting plans used in critical lifts.

It requires meticulous implementation of great planning. Our site supervisors and project managers understand the logistics of the site and have the intimate knowledge of the many intricacies of the activities on site. Combining our engineering and field management efforts to ensure proper execution of the plan is each project's true success story.

Your project is built upon our past victories and developments