We are a team of professional, energetic people with talented designers and experienced managers to guide our clients through the smooth and timely implementation of any residential design project. We absorb the interior design and aesthetic need of our customer to provide an appealing feel of their Home space – we focus in Kitchen interior, Living Space, Bedroom and Bath exclusively.

We are designing experiences.

Our interior designers and planners work in sync with the customer need and budget to provide a design plan, materials, artworks, creative material etc. We are successful in breaking the perception that Interior designs and works are expensive, in reality we provide a great deal of Money and satisfy the expectation of the Home Buyers.

Our interior designers from MGP take pride in creating luxurious and innovative homes that are very close to our customers and their families.We understand that with the work involved, each project we start has specific needs, budgets and a level of quality. 

We focus on designing spaces that match our unique and timeless design concepts to represent your personal style and functionality needs. Our goal is to guide you through this process in an easy and fun way, so that the MGP team is able to handle all aspects of a design job, including project management, budget review and collaboration with architects and constructors.

Our designers consider how our users experience our buildings at the center of the design process by designing a building from the inside out as well as from the outside in. With our extensive and specialized experience in designing more than 25+ projects around the Chennai, our designers understand not only the functional and technical requirements of our building types, but also how our users experience our spaces.

Each home begins with a customized concept that directly correlates with our clients ' needs and their individual style.